In “Healing Is A Choice,” author Stephen Arterburn describes ten choices an individual can make in order to experience emotional and spiritual healing. Each of these choices are contrasted with ten commonly believed lies that keep us bound to our wounds and stuck in our past. A valuable addition to this volume is the work book. Each chapter is immediately followed by the corresponding chapter of a workbook that guides the reader into applying the healing choice just described. This book shows how healing can come to anyone who will make the necessary choices and changes.

I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from the material presented in this book. We all go through hard times and get hurt in different ways. Each of us can experience healing and freedom from the wounds of the past by following the practical guidelines presented here. In order to reap the reward this book offers, be prepared to do the work. It is one thing to read about healing choices, it is another thing to make those choices for yourself.