Healing Is A Choice

  In "Healing Is A Choice," author Stephen Arterburn describes ten choices an individual can make in order to experience emotional and spiritual healing. Each of these choices are contrasted with ten commonly believed lies that keep us bound to our wounds and stuck in our past. A valuable addition to this volume is the work [...]

Why Obey Some Laws and Not Others?

Why do I (try to) obey the Bible's command not to lie, yet feel comfortable ignoring commands instructing me to sacrifice certain animals or to not cut my hair or trim my beard? This seeming contradiction leads some to write off all of the Bible's teachings as irrelevant and many Christians as out of touch. [...]

10 Tips from Grudem on Bible Interpretation

Grudem's chapter in Preach the Word offers some helpful reminders on correctly interpreting the Scripture. Spend your earliest and best time reading the text of the Bible itself. The interpretation of Scripture is not a magical or mysterious process, because Scripture was written in the ordinary language of the day. Every interpreter has only four sources of [...]