In Fully Alive author Ken Davis shares his journey from being overweight and in poor health to running a triathlon while in his sixties. This  is not a diet or fitness book though. Davis shares how he made the shift from existing to living fully alive. What makes this book very compelling is that it is not a rags to riches story. That is, the author was very successful professionally before making the changes he describes in this book. This is the story of someone who refused to accept a good average life and instead fought for a life of excellence and joy.

In a market flooded with self-help and improvement books I was reluctant to dig into another one. What could I read that has not already be said? I was in for a big surprise! The author grabbed my attention and my imagination from the opening story. Through stories drawn from his own life and a lot of self-deprecating humour Davis shares his journey to living fully alive. What makes this book so valuable is that instead of sharing a few tips or techniques to improving your life, Davis imparts the desire to live fully alive. His passion for living is contagious.

Fully Alive will shake you up, wake you up and challenge you to start not just existing but living life to the fullest.