How could you prefer vanilla to chocolate? Don’t you realize that chocolate is better?

These two questions would sound out-of-place coming from anyone but a child. They could even seem offensive if uttered between adults. This is because one’s preference in flavour is a subjective matter of taste. The second question implies that it is an objective question of truth. In order to avoid unnecessary confusion it is important to distinguish between matters of taste and matters of truth.

Religion is a matter of truth. Because it is often mistaken for a matter of taste people of faith are considered arrogant. In matters of taste any answer is correct. There is no conflict in me preferring vanilla and you preferring chocolate. Truth is exclusive. If one thing is true, then another must be wrong. This necessarily produces conflict.

I don’t believe the Bible because I find it appealing, expedient or palatable. I believe the Bible because I have found it to be true. Since the Bible is true, whether it is appealing, expedient or palatable is irrelevant. Truth is true regardless of the results it produces. I am grateful for the positive results faith has produced in my life.

Most of all, I thank God that He has revealed Truth to all mankind.